Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI)

Lowers your total cost of ownership, increases availability of your data, and improves your business agility

What is one way to lower your total cost of ownership, increase availability of your data, and improve your business’ agility? Virtualization. By eliminating excess hardware and rack space, your company can run on substantially less amount of equipment, lowering the cost of bi-annual upgrading while increasing the speed of your workflow.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) also delivers the following benefits:

  • Freedom.┬áDecoupling the hardware requirements from the application presentation layer means that your device can use an entirely different hardware architecture from that used by the server, and can even be based upon an entirely different operating system.
  • Mobility.┬áLeveraging a secure wireless architecture, you are now able to gain access to your virtual desktop anywhere, anytime, and on any device, delivering on the promise of a truly mobile experience.
  • Familiarity. Your desktop maintains a consistent look, regardless of the device – serving a user experience they’ve grown comfortable with, therefore requiring less training and support.
  • Manageability.┬áSince the programs, applications, and data are all housed on the central server, creating and deploying new desktop images is a snap. Provisioning new users is quick and easy, applications can be centrally updated and patched, and data is easier to safeguard and backup.

Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI) is an end-to-end systems approach that delivers the next generation virtual workspace by unifying virtual desktops, voice, and video. Cisco VXI reduces your risk and simplifies deployments through a validated and fully tested system that combines data center, network, and collaboration architectures.

Desktop Virtualization built on Cisco VXI data center delivers:

  • Simplicity. Simplified, streamlined desktop operations with fewer servers and cables to manage
  • Security. Secure, pervasive VM-aware networking and security for your virtual desktops
  • Performance. Scalable, predictable performance without compromising your user experience
  • Speed and Efficiency. Faster payback and ongoing savings with an optimized infrastructure and investment protection

pm2net provides

  • Ensured data security by centralizing your data
  • VMware tools and VMware infrastructure management solutions
  • Backup and recovery management of your virtual machine
  • Client Cloud Computing

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