Unified Communications can leverage the power of integrating VoIP, video, and data, into real time communication to improve your company’s performance. The boost in performance allows for better communication within your organization as well as better communication with your clients.

Unified Communications can help address the challenge your organization faces today as they contend with communication device overload, increasingly complex environments, and the evolving mobile workspace. Unified Communications is about integrating communication and collaboration with the applications and processes that define and manage your business.

Organizational Benefits

Unified communications solutions can save you time and help you control costs, while improving productivity and competitiveness:


86% of companies using Unified Communications reported productivity gains.


More than 60% reported savings of three or more hours per week for each mobile worker.

Such studies confirm that migrating to a unified communications system provides a substantial return on investment (ROI) and a reduced total cost of ownership. It also helps your company give their employees access to the information they need and the ability to collaborate no matter where their work takes them.

Integration of communication and collaboration applications provides business agility not previously possible…


How we can help

Whether your organization is small, medium, or large, Vo2NET delivers Unified Communications from either Cisco or NEC that allow organizations to collaborate in real time using advanced applications from an integrated, easy-to-use interface. These applications include:

  • Video conferencing
  • IP Phones and Voice Switches
  • Virtualized deployment
  • Communication between IP and video network

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