Contact Centers

Contact centers are valuable to your customer’s service department as well your information technology department.

Pm2nets’ relationships with certain vendors allow the best pricing and latest technology on voice over IP phones and video conferencing.

What communications technology allows you to effectively manage customer interactions seamlessly without regard to location or presence? How you respond to this question indicates the health of your customer relationships.

Businesses today compete to acquire and to retain customers through customer interactions. You can retain your customers’ loyalties by providing unified communications through quality service. Unified communications allows your company to connect and collaborate with your colleagues, as well as facilitate high-quality customer interaction. You need a command and control center that gives you a unified view of your strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities.

Organizational Benefits

A unified communications platform provides you with all aspects of command and control through a rich network platform that transcends any single point solution in the market today. It lays the groundwork for measuring and managing your communications – wherever, whenever, by anyone, anytime.

Whether you’re a big or small company, the underlying business principles are the same. The lifeblood of your company is your customer. Your customers not only buy on price but on how they feel about their customer service experiences with your company.

Your customers want to reach you through media, your phone, email, or your website. The contact center is your central point of contact with your customers. Nexus offers a broad range of contact center solutions – addressing the needs of contact centers from small to large businesses. Whether you’re a loosely structured group with informal agents or an organization with dedicated agents, we provide contact centers with straightforward applications serving single customer types and more complex applications serving a wide variety of customers.

How Can pm2NET Assist Your Organization?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you currently leveraging your customer acquisition costs? Do you need a strong communication framework to support customer contacts? Nexus provides powerful, fully-integrated systems to address your contact center’s communication needs.
  • Are you trying to evaluate your contact center’s performance and plan for the future without adequate statistical information? Nexus offers detailed information on your agent’s productivity, system performance, and performance of the contact center as a whole. This data can be used your business’ real-time productivity management as well as creating the foundation for analysis and planning.
  • How do your customers perceive your contact center? Nexus provides contact center applications that can help your business provide an excellent first impression to your customer by increasing their access options and alternatives. We’ve also found ways to streamline your customers’ transactions and created a closed-loop system with contact follow-up.
  • Could your contact center be more efficient? Could it work in a more cost-effective manner? Nexus provides contact center products and applications that enable your organization to enhance your agents’ productivity; implement workforce management for forecasting; scheduling and tracking schedule adherence; streamlining your processes, procedures and reporting through workflow management; and supporting the performance supervision critical for evaluation, quality assurance and training.
  • Do you offer your customers choices in how they may contact you? Can you maintain consistent functionality and information regardless of the media type used? We support customer loyalty initiatives with multimedia access technologies, allowing you to create consistent customer-handling.

pm2NET provides a wide range of products designed to provide contact centers with a framework that enables exceptional customer service and supports organizational efficiency. These solutions address your most important needs: increasing your ability to respond, measure performance, enhance customer satisfaction, increase management effectiveness, and developing customer loyalty.

pm2net provides the following

  • VoIP Phone and Network Deployment
  • Intercom programming
  • Call Routing Options
  • Call Queue Visibility

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