Connected Collaboration

People in an organization work with each in order to achieve common, shared goals. Video conferencing would allow your organization to collaborate and communicate effectively. Today, many companies are looking for high-definition video and audio facilities for advanced conference-room functionalities.

This solution would provide you with the entire Cisco collaboration suite with no cloud compromise. It delivers a people-focused collaboration experience anywhere, with any content, on any device, allowing you to enjoy the same rich collaboration features, whether the application resides on your premises, in the cloud, or a combination of the two. Pm2net Connected Collaboration uses a flexible, pay-as-you-go model that preserves precious capital for your core business priorities, rather than your supporting infrastructure.

  • Rapid Deployment – with Pm2net’s Connected Collaboration, you can quickly capture the business value of Cisco’s industry-leading collaboration applications. You get rapid and full deployment across your business, regardless of geographic or operational diversity.
  • Automatic Updates – Pm2net’s Connected Collaboration is designed to remain current with the latest releases of the collaboration applications that this solution helps enable. You’re automatically in sync with the latest release of each application.
  • Manageability – because the programs, applications, and data are all housed on a central server, creating and deploying new desktop images is extremely effortless. Provisioning new users are quick and easy, and data is easier to safeguard and backup.
  • Lower Costs – In addition, the consolidated and centralized IT approach reduces your operational overhead and allows for a greater focus on IT strategy and planning.
  • Visual Collaboration
  • Video and interactive whiteboards 
  • Connection to your team as well as customers and partners in real time

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