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pm2net and Kaminario All Flash Storage improves Website Performance and Maximum Users

by pm2net on January 19, 2017 , Comments Off on pm2net and Kaminario All Flash Storage improves Website Performance and Maximum Users

When asked about how Kaminario ran during their peak season, their IT director said one word:



As an industry leader in education technology – hosting the domains of thousands of K-12 institutions, colleges and universities in both the United States and Canada – performance is of utmost importance. With college application season around the corner, their peak season, the education technology leader turned to PM2NET to transform their business performance.


Business Challenge: Performance Lag

While operating with EMC storage, the company’s own site was unable to keep up during peak season. The site would lag and struggled to keep performance up due to the high volume of users. Users were often frustrated while trying to navigate the site and the sites of the clients they hosted. After PM2NET and the education technology leader discussed the performance capabilities with using Kaminario, interest was built and discussions started on purchasing all-flash storage.


Solution – Kaminario All-Flash Storage

Peak season was fast approaching. With only a POC conducted, the education technology leader bought 25TB of Kaminario. “We didn’t even get to test the system,” said the company’s IT director. The true test was about to be begin. The education technology leader put all their webservers on the Kaminario system and watched as peak season started.



By placing all their webservers on Kaminario, the company removed the Input-Output bottleneck. Because of this, they did not need any more VMs, and the response time during the highest peak was much better than last year. In 2015, the max number of users on at one time on the EMC VNX was 6800 at 80% CPU usage. With the Kaminario system in place for 2016, the max number of users at one time increased to 8000 at only 40% CPU usage. When asked how Kaminario ran during their peak season, their IT Director said one word: “Flawless.”

With the stellar performance results, the education technology leader is interested in purchasing a second box if the bid is approved for another location.


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