Wireless Survey Case Study

by pm2net on December 13, 2016 , Comments Off on Wireless Survey Case Study


In order to create a consistent student experience with technology, the largest community college district in the United States needed help to bring all their college campuses to a common baseline level of technology with a stable infrastructure. PM2NET helped the cause by conducting a passive survey of all 9 campuses for the district, a surveying project consisting of about 10 million square feet.

Business Challenge: Inconsistent Wireless Signal Strength

As one of the largest community college districts in the world, it was a struggle for the district to provide stable wireless strength across campuses to all of their students. PM2NET was brought in to survey the campuses and identify areas of improvement.

Solution: Passive Survey

The PM2NET team used Ekahau licensed software and hardware to perform both indoor and outdoor passive surveys at all 9 schools in the district. The team surveyed about 10 million square feet to identify areas of weak wireless signal coverage and reported the findings back to the district.  Although there was initial pressure to finish before the school year started, PM2NET was able to complete the project one month earlier than expected.


With PM2NET’s assistance, the district found areas with weak wireless signal and was better able to improve wireless access across all their campuses. Because PM2NET was able to find the problem areas and complete the project early, the district was able to start efforts to improve on those areas before the school year started. Students were able to enjoy a more consistent wireless experience at the beginning of the academic year, giving them an improved resource for their educational journey.

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