LAN Modernization Case Study

by pm2net on December 20, 2016 , Comments Off on LAN Modernization Case Study


With a need for a serious Network, Voice, and Emergency Systems upgrade, the largest public school system in the state of California (in terms of number of students) and the 2nd largest public school district in the country utilized PM2NET’s services for a LAN Modernization.


Business Challenge: LAN Modernization

After 8 years of the same systems, the large public school district decided it was time for a change to match up with today’s technologies and to accommodate the ever-growing number of students. The school district put out a request for bids in order to find a provider for this upgrade. After evaluating a number of options, AAA’s offer was selected, which included PM2NET’s professional services.



The PM2NET engineers set out to visit 11 school sites. At each site, they migrated the existing network, implemented VOIP and a public announcement system. The PM2NET engineers were also tasked with implementing wireless in some sites and improving the wireless in others. To do so, the engineers installed Cisco APs and wireless controllers to manage the APs at each site. The only difficulty while completing the project was complying to each schools’ hours of operation. While conflicting at times, the technical team was able to come in after hours to get the job done within the allotted time stated in the Statement of Work.



PM2NET’s services transformed the way the school district operated. With the newly implemented VOIP, management was centralized and can be controlled from their headquarters. The installation of Cisco APs effectively improved each site’s wireless with increased network speed. Their upgraded systems also cut out the need for managed services by utilizing their in-house engineers. Overall, PM2NET was able to help the district save time, effort, and money with their network, voice, and emergency systems upgrade.

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